MAM-05HP Printing Machine Tapes

Techbelt is able to supply you with bespoke made MAM-05HP printing machine tapes that are further processed in house. We offer these machines tapes with slots or holes to allow for air suction through the belt. This enables the product to be held in to place.

Main industry segments

Letter sorting, Paper manufacturing and processing, Paper printing and finishing


Feeder belt, Printing Machine tape, Paper handling belt

Special features

Abrasion resistant, Adhesive-free joint, Constant and gentle positive grip, Dimensionally stable, Elastic, Outstanding flex-fatigue

Product Construction / Design

Conveying side material:                                              Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Rubber (NBR)
Conveying side surface:                                                Fine structure
Conveying side property:                                              Adhesive
Conveying side color:                                                    Green (Habasit green)
Traction layer (material):                                             Hamid
Number of Fabrics:                                                        Non
Pulley side material:                                                      Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Rubber (NBR)
Pulley side surface:                                                        Rough textile structure
Pulley side property:                                                     Adhesive
Pulley side colour:                                                          Black

Product characteristics

Antistatically equipped:                                               Yes
Adhesive free joining method:                                    Yes

Technical data

Thickness of belt:                                                           1.6 mm 0.06 inch
Mass of belt (belt weight):                                           1.6 kg/m² 0.328 lb/sqft

Tensile force for 8% elongation (k8% static) per unit of width (Habasit Standard SOP3-155 / EN ISO 21181): 3.2 N/mm 18 lbf/in

Tensile force for 8% elongation after relaxation (k8% relaxed) per unit of width (Habasit Standard SOP3-155 / EN ISO 21181): 2.2 N/mm 13 lbf/in

Min. operating temperature admissible (continuous) -20 °C -4 °F
Max. operating temperature admissible (continuous) 60 °C 140 °F

Seamless manufacturing width:                                1200 mm 47 inch

All data are approximate values under standard climatic conditions: 23°C/73°F, 50% relative humidity (DIN 50005/ISO 554).

Machine Tapes

MAM-05HP Product Data Sheet (Released) 01.03.2018

Joining method Quickmelt Flexproof:                    8 x 30
Pulley diameter (minimum) mm inch:                   15 0.59
Pulley diameter minimum with counter flection mm inch 15 0.59

Slider bed suitable:                                                     No
Carrying rollers suitable:                                           Yes
Troughed installation suitable:                                No

Chemical resistance

Link to ‘Chemical resistance information’:

Mode of use or conveyance

Declined, Horizontal, Inclined, Twists, Twists with short centre distance, Vertical


For most applications calculation is not required. Should you still need a calculation: please ask Habasit.


Elastic belt: Initial elongation depends on belt load and application, Initial elongation between 3 to 8% is recommended

For details consult ‘Storage and handling requirements for belts and machine tapes’ or contact Habasit, Protect
belts from sunlight/UV-radiation/dust and dirt. Store spare belts in a cool and dry place and if possible in their
original packaging.

* Due to high coefficient of friction of running/pulley side‚ the suitability for use on slider beds is limited

Please contact Techbelt on 0044(0) 1422 366386 or email us